Oxon Hill cooking oil thieves sought by police

The thieves were caught on camera backing up a truck to the oil and siphoning it. Photo: Prince George's County Police

A pair of suspects is being sought in the theft of cooking oil from an Oxon Hill restaurant, police say.

The theft, which was caught on camera, happened on the morning of March 13 at a restaurant in the 5100 block of Indian Head Highway. Prince George's County Police say two men broke the lock of a cooking oil container and siphoned the grease.

Officials say the suspects then fled in a blue Chevrolet or GMC delivery truck.

The theft of cooking oil regionally and nationwide is not uncommon; police say, in fact, that the grease is rather valuable when sold on the black market.

Authorities say that the suspects may be tipped off by the fact that their truck likely doesn't display a Department of Agriculture registration sticker.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Prince George's County Police.