Out runners beat the heat by running, chopping, hopping

While most Washingtonians stay close to the A/C when D.C. temps flirt with 90 and above, some fitness buffs leave the gym and take off running … and chopping wood … and hopping on logs.

Glover Park's Roam Fitness brings it back to nature for outdoor exercise sessions called "out runs."

“I wanted to get outside of that box, if you will,” says Graham King, one of the owners of Roam Fitness. “D.C.'s a beautiful, beautiful city, lots of awesome parks.”

Once the running stops, it's not time to rest, it's time to get chopping.

“Chopping wood is great for developing power,” King says. “And then you climb a tree and do some pushups. That's after chopping wood and hopping on the log.”

King says after they explain why they have an ax, the U.S. Park Police are cool with it.

“It's very easy to be yoga strong, okay. Or you can bench two times your body weight. I think when you get out here and mix in the cardio aspect of running with all the different cross trainer exercises we do, I think it's a true measure of what your overall fitness is,” says Chris Geier, one of the owners of Roam Fitness.

Out runs last about an hour and can be adjusted for your individual skill level.

Out runners say that when they’re in the woods, it’s cooler than being on the D.C. streets at 95 degrees and the exercises are so different and intense you don't even think about the heat.