Organization hopes to pull up saggy pants with belt donation drive

A local organization is holding a clothing drive of a different sort. Their goal? Bring an end to saggy pants.

On most days Malik Fairnot's pants are down well below his waist.

"Sometimes my pants do fall to the gr, below my waist. Most of the time my belt is on around my waist and stuff...But I be so busy sometimes and not paying attention. It happens...," Fairnot of Forestville said.

He's like many young people who ditch their belts and wear their pants lower than most would like to see.

Obianuju Anyaoju of Southeast D.C. exclaimed, "No, don't want to see that...that's underwear."

Now, community activists in Prince George's County have come up with a plan to counter the decades long fad. The Take Charge project is holding a belt drive at 15 drop boxes across the county.{ }

"There's just so many eyesores that we see in our community, and we know they're not gonna reach the top. We look out at our young men and hope that they'll be our future leaders; future leaders don't walk around with their pants sagging," Jerrod Mustafa with the Take Charge Project explained.

Called the "Pull 'em Up" campaign, the belts collected will be distributed to young men at schools in hopes they'll actually wear them, at the very least, when they go on job interviews.

Anyaoju added, "Even something as little as a belt, that you don't think about, it's so important, so I think it's awesome..."

Organizers aren't sure how many belts they've collected so far, but based on public outcry over the trend, the move has strong support.

Barry Owens of Southeast said, "The droopy pants why? I mean, what's the purpose? You're getting away from your past, you're getting away from your morals and family values..."

Click here for drop off locations. The drive runs until Nov. 1.