Oprah's chef: Weight-losing, marathon-running, cross-country jetting

A long time member of Oprah's team made a surprise appearance Thursday. Chef Art Smith was Oprah's personal cook for more than 20 years and is now a D.C. restaurateur.

A lot of people were surprised to see the new lean and mean Smith since he's lost more than 100 pounds. He lives in Chicago but ABC7 caught up with him at his Capitol Hill restaurant, "Art and Soul," to find out how he shed all that weight and what he thinks about the end of the Oprah show era.

Aside from running around the kitchens of his D.C. and Chicago restaurants, the 51-year-old diabetic has been hitting the streets.

“I ran the Chicago marathon and the Marine Corps,” marathon, he said. “I beat Oprah's record.”

Thursday, Chef Art debuted his svelte new self on the Oprah show. After the show, chef art says he took a private moment with Oprah.

“I thanked her and I just said, ‘Miss Winfrey, I want you to know I was very appreciative and honored and you were so gracious to ask me to do that,’” he said.

While his schedule is cooking between his restaurants, books and television appearances, Art says he'll always be there for the woman he calls his BFF.

“I’m about this close to moving to California,” he said. “I told Miss Winfrey I'm going to camp out right outside of own or outside your house in Montecito ‘cause… you're going to need some Chef Art Smith love.”