Only on 7: Victim talks with ABC7 after Northeast D.C. triple shooting

Choosing to remain anonymous, a shooting victim talks with ABC7 about the moment unknown assailants shot him and his friends as they ran for their lives.

It was a wild Thursday night in a Northeast Washington neighborhood. Only four days after a man was found shot to death in a car a block away, three people were shot by unknown assailants. And two police officers were hurt in a crash nearby.

The shooting shocked the normally quiet Woodridge neighborhood.

ABC7's Jennifer Donelan spoke to one of the victims about the moment a stranger shot him as he and two friends ran for their lives.

The neighborhood with its manicured lawns and older residents is on edge to say the least. And police agree two cases of violence in just four days in a place that never sees anything like it is stunning.

"Just in a matter of seconds we heard five gunshots, just bong bong bong, it sounded like firecrackers," the 21-year-old victim says, just out of the hospital after he was hit by shotgun fire.

He said he first thought of firecrackers because at 22nd and Taylor Streets NE gunshots don't ever ring out.

"This is like the best neighborhood in Washington. the best," he says. "We never had no problems, no drugs, no shootings."

Thursday night after 6 p.m., he and a group of friends turned towards the gunfire. He said he saw two men walking towards them with shotguns and they were firing.

"I realized I had got shot in my foot, so I kept on running and they kept shooting me in the back of my legs and I end up going into the middle of the street trying to flag cars down," he says. "'I just got shot, somebody call the police, I just got shot.' That is all I kept saying."

The spray of shotgun pellets also hit a 20-year-old friend in the arm and his 16-year-old friend.

"He got shot 15 times in his chest, 15 holes in his chest."

Asked if he knew why he was shot, the man says, "I have no idea. I wish I knew. I wish I could tell you."

Four nights before, Frederick Booker, 29, was found shot to death in a car a block away. Residents said that case already had them on edge.

Police sources tell ABC7 News they made no connections between the murder and last night's triple shooting other than both happened in a neighborhood where these things don't happen.

"We all grew up together, so we don't know who it could be," the man says.

He just knows he's in pain.

"It hits me every time I get up and I realize I can't walk," he says.