Only on 7: Victim of vicious NE dog attack talks with ABC7

Sawney Bell talking with ABC7's Jennifer Donelan. Photo: ABC7

In a story you'll see Only on 7, the elderly man who was attacked by two dogs in D.C. last week, is now talking about the ordeal for the first time.

ABC7's Jennifer Donelan spoke with Sawney Bell, 74, today in the hospital where he has had three surgeries.

Bell only remembers walking to work on 36th Street in Northeast Tuesday morning of last week.

"I don't know how I got here," Bell says. "Walking up the street and next thing I know something grabbed me on my right leg."

He never heard or saw the two massive Cane Corsos coming.

"The main thing I was trying to get away."

But one dog clamped on his leg and the other locked onto his arm.

"Like a tug of war," he says. "Only thing I did was my throw my hand up on my face."

Police say the dogs got loose from the Towing Pros and Recovery lot.

The dogs ripped off part of his scalp, chewed through both legs, and broke his right forearm in three places.

"Got staples and stitches in my head," he says. "He had to piece this arm back together."

His neighbor, Philip Ragland, who rushed to the rescue with own dog saved his life.

Although the owners of the tow lot received only $50 tickets for unleashed dogs, Bell's daughter got a $100 parking ticket when she rushed to the scene.

"I don't think she should pay that ticket," Bell says.

Lawyers are now on the case.

"We are going to do what we need to do to make sure justice is served for Mr. Bell," says attorney Ed Leyden.

Bell's recovery will be a long road ahead.

And in addition to a possible civil lawsuit, the Bells are hoping the city council will consider passing tougher laws on irresponsible dog owners.