Suspect shot and killed in Northeast armored car robbery attempt

Police cordon off the armored car that was robbed. (Photo: Brian Hopkins/ABC7)

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The man who attempted to rob an armored car near a Capitol One Bank near Catholic University on Thursday has died, authorities say.

Police say that a man pulled out a gun and tried to rob an armored truck outside the bank in the 200 block of Michigan Avenue NE during a money transfer. The guards pulled their guns and shot the suspect.

Police said one guard was next to the bank’s front door, the second near the back of the truck, and the suspect between them. Witnesses say the guard near the door fired first and the suspect fell.

Ronnie Armstrong says he passed by the suspect on his way to using the AMT seconds before the gunfire.

“He was a big guy focused on what he wanted to do. He never saw me, I saw him. I walked by him and next thing you know he's laid out on the ground,” Armstrong said.

One witness said he heard about seven or eight shots during the exchange. Neither of the guards was injured in the incident that took place around noon Wednesday.

Bill Schultz and his son Liam had stopped in a strip mall to use the bank ATM and were walking to the neighboring deli when the shots rang out.

“There were two men with guns drawn and a body on the ground motionless,” Schultz said.

Police are still on the lookout for a four-door gold Cadillac which they say sped away from the scene shortly after the robbery attempt.

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