One person injured in hit-and-run in College Park

(WJLA) - A pedestrian has serious injuries after a hit and run in College Park. Police say he was crossing Route 1 at Cherry Hill Road when he was hit. The driver sped away.

It happened after 2 a.m. Friday morning, and according to police, the man hit was likely a Maryland student and also likely to survive after being taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Just a week ago, a University of Maryland student named Cory Hubbard was killed in another hit and run on Route 1 in College Park.

This accident took place more than two miles norrth of last week's accident, but unlike where Hubbard was killed, this was not a popular late night spot.

"This is a pretty desolate area at 2 o' clock in the morning," said College Park resident Matthew Parks.

Police believe the man hit this morning had been drinking, and he was not at a crosswalk, though people around here say jaywalking is common.

"I cross it sometimes; people getting off the bus, they cross it as well -- especially during the weekends, it happens a lot," explained nearby worker Aleisha Minger.

Although the suspect from last week turned himself in, students say two hit-and-runs in just seven days worries them.

"it shows that people who injure other people aren't even willing to stop and make sure they're okay, they just drive away," said UMD student Alex Sharp.

Maryland's spring semester has not started yet, so both accidents happened when most students aren't even around.

Police have a vague description of the suspected vehicle. They believe it could be a green station wagon, possibly a Subaru.