Olney dog attack: Rottweiler attack leaves woman with facial injuries

(File photo: Flickr/GCH3)

A Maryland woman will have to undergo extensive surgery after parts of her face were bitten off by a rottweiler in Olney on Monday evening.

Montgomery County Police say the woman was attacked in the 2100 block of Rose Theater Circle in Olney at about 7 p.m. while she was walking her own dog in the neighborhood.

Police then say that when she approached one of her neighbors, who own the rottweiler, the large dog began to growl. The victim's friend, Susie Harris, says when her friend bent down to greet the dog, it attacked her.

Officials now say that the woman, who is well known in a neighborhood where dogs are common, will need extensive plastic surgery.

"She seems to be in good spirits," Harris said. "Her only request was not to put the dog down."

Neighbors, though, say that the rottweiler has been aggressive in the past, but police say the dog doesn't have a history of biting or attacking anyone in the past.

No charges have yet been filed, but police say there is the potential for a number of charges in the near future.