Officials: Lynnhill Condominiums in PG County unsafe; residents must leave in 24 hours

(Photo, ABC7) 

Hours after the Prince George’s County Fire Department declared that the Lynnhill Condominiums are unsafe some residents started looking for a new home.

“It’s a wild experience, because people don’t have nowhere to go,” said Dave Collins.

About 100 people occupied 36 of the condos’ units prior to the inspection.

The fire department says there were major fire code violations including trash in vacant units and non-functioning fire doors on apartment units and in stairwells.

The Lynhill Condominiums failed to comply with 14 of 23 fire code violations, according to the fire department.

Shante Johnson’s 80-year-old grandmother left her unit about a month ago due to the dangerous conditions and several break-ins.

“Literally everything was stolen out of the apartment,” said Johnson.

She returned on Tuesday night to pick up items remaining in her grandmother’s condo.

“It might as well close down, because look at that,” said Johnson to ABC7’s Anna-Lysa Gayle.

Although some residents have accepted that they must leave, some say they need more time.

“We just need more time, everybody just need more time. Nobody has anywhere to go out here,” said Collins, who plans to stay in the building unless pressured to leave.

According to the fire chief, the county will seek a court order to remove residents that are still in the building tomorrow at noon.

The Department of Social Services and the Red Cross are both providing assistance to those who need help.

Click here to learn how you can donate to the Red Cross’ National Capital Region:

Click here for more information on how residents can get help:

ABC7 was live on Facebook during Tuesday's press conference. Watch below:

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