Officials cracking down on underage drinking in College Park

Two College Park bars have been fined this year for allowing minors to drink, The Diamondback reports, and at some establishments, management has simply been charging underage drinkers more in cover to get in.

A recent crackdown on bars in the town that houses the University of Maryland has led to more stringent enforcement of liquor laws. The Diamondback says that since last December, Prince George's County's liquor board started doing more investigations at bars throughout the city.

According to the report, Big Play Sports Grill and Town Hall Tavern, both within walking distance of the school's gate on Baltimore Avenue, were fined $2,500 and $5,000 respectively for violations in February and April.

Bar owners tell The Diamondback that they've taken new measures, such as ID scanners, to curtail minors from getting into the bar. However, one bar worker told the paper that bouncers would occasionally charge a few dollars more in cover for minors to get in.