Officers assaulted at Damascus party, homeowners arrested

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJLA) - Montgomery County Police arrested four people after an underage drinking party got out of hand. But it isn’t just the underage drinking these residents are in trouble for – they’re also being accused of assaulting officers who responded to the scene.

Police say that when they first got the tip, they staked out the home and spotted teens drinking outside. When they moved in to shut it all down is when they discovered the parents were home.

Officers add that if they were just trying to break up an underage drinking party, this would have just been citations and fines – but the parents began assaulting police, and the police eventually had to use a shock device to get everyone under control.

Authorities say they got the tip at about 10 p.m. on Saturday night that an underage drinking party was being held at a home on Damascus Road.

The parents wouldn’t cooperate, and when officers began seizing kegs and six-packs outside the home, the family members began attacking.

"The attendees began to slam the door on the officer. The homeowner began to assault the police officers," Capt. Tom Didone said. "During the struggle, the homeowner grabbed the handgun belonging to one of the police officers and they were able to take and detain him."

Arrested were parents George and Cathy Magas, and their sons, 21-year-old Nicholas and 18-year-old Eric.

According to police, there were 22 underage drinkers at the party, and they made sure each one got home safely. These parents are now facing criminal charges, and police hope this serious incident will send a message to all parents in Montgomery County.