Officer Peter Laboy visits Alexandria Police headquarters

Officer Peter Laboy returns to Alexandria police headquarters. (Photo: Jeff Goldberg)

Peter Laboy, the Alexandria officer who was shot in the head while in the line of duty, returned to the police station on Thursday and was greeted with cheers from his fellow officers.

It was almost two months ago Thursday, February 27th, that officer Laboy was shot in the head while on duty in Old Town. It’s a crime committed, authorities say, by taxi driver Kashif Bashir.

Making his triumphant and remarkable return to Alexandria Police headquarters, colleagues greet him with big hugs and wide smiles.

S"To see him step out of the car and walk. Nothing short of a miracle," says Sgt. Mike Kochis.

Since the shooting, Laboy had been recovering at Medstar Washington Hospital Center until being discharged two days ago.

Initially, doctors were uncertain he would pull through. But successful surgeries and rehabilitation have delivered incredible results. Laboy is walking and talking.

“Emotions are all back, his expressions are back, his humor is certainly back," says Sgt. Brian Thompson.

As Laboy returns home to his wife and four sons, his police family could not be more proud.

And with that pride comes hope.

"Looking at him today if he's come this far in two months then maybe he'll be back in another two months working the street," Thompson says.