Officer Laboy's condition continues to improve

Officer Peter Laboy’s wife has been posting updates on a blog, giving first real insight we have into his progress. His wife Suzanne is a nurse and she says doctors are cautiously waiting for the swelling to subside, but writes “this is nothing short of a miracle.”

On, the Alexandria Police officer's wife keeps a journal titled Superman. She writes that so far he is doing great things. As of Friday morning, he was moving his arms and she says he grabbed her hand, pulled her to his chest and hugged her. On Saturday morning, she writes, things continued to improve. He seemed peaceful with NASCAR playing in the background.

The 17-year veteran officer was attempting to make a routine traffic stop Wednesday afternoon when he was shot in the head by a cab driver. Doctors described his injury as catastrophic, something that most people would not have survived.

Back in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, word that he seems on the mend is welcome news.

“Lots of advancements in medical science and surgeries, so that is good,” says Ron Garson of Alexandria.

“There’s miracles every day and the human body is miraculous, so it’s understandable that these things happen and people are able to recover from them,” says Shanda Adams, also of Alexandria.

There is a lot of interest in Laboy's progress. So far, over 3,800 people have logged on to read his updates. Some are leaving messages of support, some financial donations. His wife is asking for continued prayer.