Ofc. Peter Laboy recovering well, doctors and family say

Ofc. Peter Laboy

Ofc. Peter Laboy's recovery is being called nothing short of a miracle. The Alexandria police officer was shot in the head trying to stop a cab driver who had been reported for harassing people at a King Street boutique.

He's now walking and speaking some words, just two weeks after the attack.

When he was first shot, his doctors and friends had very serious doubts.

Now they have confidence in his future, calling Laboy a one-in-a-million survivor.

After being shot in the head two weeks ago, Laboy was immediately rushed to Medstar Washington Hospital Center. That speed, doctors say, was key to his survival.

The surgery to remove bullet fragments was followed by brain swelling. Doctors were concerned for his survival for the next 72 hours.

"I actually walked in and he opened one eye and went like this (hand gesture)," one doctor says.

Little by little he improves. Becoming more alert, taking a few steps, saying a few words, and spending time with his wife Suzie and their four sons.

Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook read a statement from Suzie, expressing her thanks for so much love and support from others.

"We realize we are not on the journey alone and we are comforted by that," the statement says, in part.

A hugely successful fundraiser last weekend is just one example of how others are standing with a man who, himself, is a model of strength and courage.

"I knew he would fight, he would fight and get his way through this," Cook says.