Odenton fire displaces residents at apartment complex

The apartment complex damaged in the fire. (Photo: Brad Bell)

Fire officials are trying to discover the cause of a fire that left residents displaced in Odenton.

The fire started Sunday evening at an apartment complex on Military place. It consumed the 3-story apartment building.

Belinda Watkins says she felt helpless as her neighbor's homes went up in smoke.

“It looks like every time they got the fire out then it would start again. Just everything was going up in flames and I just felt bad for the family,” she says.

On Monday, many of those victims came back to gather what possessions they can salvage. For some, it isn’t much.

“We start over again,” says Jaqueline Stauffer. “We lost everything.”

Stauffer and her husband and young daughter were out when the fire started Sunday evening at 6 but they came home to see firefighters aiming their water cannons at the little girl's room.

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries in the million dollar fire. Everybody who lived in the building got out safely.

“It all right we'll press on,” says William Stauffer. “We'll be allright.”