Octavio Estevez charged for bringing unloaded gun to school

(Photo: Twitter)

A 17-year old Magruder High School senior was arrested and charged with bringing an unloaded gun to the Rockville school.

A Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson says Octavio Estevez was confronted by a school resource officer shortly after arriving at the school Thursday morning.

The spokesperson says Estevez had been suspended from school and was not supposed to be there on Thursday.

The officer told Estevez he was not supposed to be there. Estevez was taken outside, and that's when the officer allegedly found a gun in his backpack.

Police say no ammunition was found, and the gun was in poor condition. They say they are not sure Estevez would have been able to fire it even if he had had bullets.

Magruder parents say even if it wasn't loaded, they are concerned a gun wound up inside the school.

"Very, very scary," said parent Dale Martin. "I've been very happy with Magruder. I've never had concerns or anything like that, so this was very upsetting to me."

Student Juan Umana says last year he was friends with Estevez, and considered him a great guy.

"Something changed," Umana said of Estevez's behavior this school year. "He's been hanging out with the wrong crowd, a different person. It's almost like I don't know him anymore."

An official says Estevez will stay in custody at least until a bond hearing Friday.

Shortly before his arrest Estevez wrote on his Twitter page, "As soon as I step in school it's savage time."

The night before the arrest, Estevez tweeted, "ready for war." The tweet incuded a picture of a lot of bullets.

But again, police say no ammunition was found with Estevez when he was searched.

New police documents detail how the teen turned up at school just before 8 Thursday morning after having been suspended - students say - for getting in a fight. A school officer tried to escort him out and he allegedly became defiant. He was cuffed while police searched a duffel bag and found a .22 caliber handgun.

He claims "he found the handgun under a van that was parked on the street near his dad's house."