Occupy protesters try to halt eviction

Protesters being taken away during the eviction. (Photo: Brian Hopkins)

The dramatic video of protestors being dragged down her front steps brings Dawn Butler to tears.

"When you receive that kind of love from people, you grow very fond of them, so I really love those guys," Butler says.

The protesters, all part of the "Occupy" movement, came to make it as difficult as they could for authorities to execute the eviction on Butler’s home.

They locked arms, tied the front gates shut, grabbed on to iron railings, used plumbers' pipe - anything they could to keep the marshals out of what was dawn butler's home.

Butler claims she and her mother are being evicted illegally. She says she has paid her rent on time and in full since they moved in in 2006 and has even placed a bid to buy the home from her landlord.

"We had an agreement with the landlord and that was to fix the house up in lieu of rent, We put over $250,000 into that home," Butler explains.

She says the bank, Chase, that holds the mortgage foreclosed on the landlord and is now putting her out on the street. And the marshals would not be denied.

Chase has an official policy of not discussing foreclosures.

Authorities literally pried one protester at a time from the entrance.

With one big tug, the front door of the house came crashing down - right on the head of one of the marshals. A protester caught in the middle of the pulling and tugging passed out.

But by early afternoon, Butler could only watch as piece by piece all of her belongings were moved out and set on the sidewalk in front of her former home.