Man arrested at Occupy D.C. site during McPherson Square sweep

A man is loaded into a police cruiser after being arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. (Photo: WJLA)

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct during a sweep of the Occupy D.C. encampment at McPherson Square{ }Wednesday morning, U.S. Park Police say.

Officials say the man was arrested during an overnight sweep{ }through the McPherson Square camp as part of the no-camping ban. He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct after a group leaving a nightclub in the area got into an altercation with some Occupy protesters.

Officials would not disclose the nature of the charge, but said{ }he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor.

Occupy activists say the man, who was pulled out of a tent in handcuffs, is not an active member of the movement, but stays at the camp on occasions.

The National Park Service on Monday began enforcing a ban on camping that would affect the Occupy D.C. sites at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. Still, many protesters remained behind.

But early Wednesday morning, dozens of officers{ }patrolled the camp at McPherson Square to flush out any Occupy members sleeping on the property or those who had sleeping materials.

Officials have not given any indication if or how many{ }violators were found.

Demonstrators are holding a sleep strike days after officers began enforcing the camping ban. Some{ }Occupiers say they haven''t slept in 33 hours.

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