Occupy D.C. marching to Key Bridge on Thursday

Protesters plan to occupy the Key Bridge on Thursday afternoon.

The Occupy D.C. movement could be on the move on Thursday afternoon, and it could have a major effect on your afternoon commute.

At 2:30, organizers say the protesters are planning to march from their home base at McPherson Square to the Key Bridge, connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn.

The demonstration is expected to last into the evening rush hour.

On their website, Occupy D.C. says that they chose to march on the Key Bridge specifically because it is an example of the work that schools and bridges and other pieces of infrastructure that need repair.

Shutdown planned in New York on Occupy anniversary

The march falls on a day that demonstrators from Occupy Wall Street and its sister protests around the country are planning a series of actions from the streets to the subways to mark two months since the protests started.

The events on Thursday come two days after the Occupy Wall Street encampment in lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park was cleared out by authorities. The location was considered the epicenter of the movement. Protesters had first set up camp there on Sept. 17, sparking similar efforts around the country and the globe.

In New York, demonstrators say they plan to start the day on Wall Street before taking to the city's subways and ending with a rally near City Hall.

Scores of police will be on hand and transit officials are preparing to deal with a crush of people.