Occupy D.C. builds another structure in McPherson Square

Police quickly surrounded and dismantled the crude structure in McPherson Square early Wednesday morning. (Photo: Luis Rivera/WJLA)

U.S. Park Police officers were forced once again to deal with a structure built by Occupy D.C. protesters in McPherson Square overnight.

Authorities say that they received an anonymous call at about 11 p.m. Tuesday that a structure was going up in the months-old encampment in downtown D.C. When they arrived, they found a 12-foot by 12-foot structure made of 2x4s, nails and planks of wood.

When nobody at the protest claimed the structure, officers declared it as abandoned and dismantled it since it violated federal law.

PHOTOS: 31 protesters arrested after first structure standoff

Officers were observed surrounding the scene with crime tape, dismantling the structure and confiscating building supplies. Protesters were also spotted arguing with police. No arrests have been made.

It was on Dec. 4 when dozens of protesters were arrested after building a wooden structure in McPherson Square. On that day, protesters erected a slightly larger shed, which they said was to keep them warm for the winter.

When protesters refused to dismantle that structure, a day-long standoff ensued, which resulted in the arrest of 31 Occupiers.