Obamacare: What is Obamacare costing you?

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - President Barack Obama on Monday did some Rose Garden damage control, admitting that there are major problems with

What he didn't say is what it's costing you.

The primary contractor hired for "computer systems design services" is CGI Federal, a northern Virginia-based subsidiary of a Canadian company.
Their 2011 contract was for $55.7 million, with a ceiling of $93.7 million.

A month ago, the contract had ballooned to $196 million and the final price tag could be nearly $300 million.

Scott Amey, from the Project on Government Oversight, says the lack of transparency has been troubling.

“It really makes you question why did we invest $200 million into a project that isn't working,” Amey says. “Unfortunately, the administration and Health and Human Services hasn't been forthcoming with information on how well the website is working, where the failures are coming and why.”

Bill Allison, from the Sunlight Foundation, spent weeks identifying 48 contractors involved in launching - companies Allison found that spent about $125 million lobbying the government since the Affordable Care Act became law, and whose employees donated nearly $4 million to the president's campaign.

“For an administration that said it would be the most transparent ever it’s almost like there's a code of omerta absolute silence around this,” he says.

To view Sunlight Foundation's findings, click here.

The administration is refusing to say how many people have enrolled in plans bought on But the district announced today 164 people have use the D.C.-healthlink site to buy insurance and 321 have selected plans.

D.C. didn't hire a vendor to build the site until January as part of $49.5 million contract. It was on budget and has worked with only a few minor issues.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Mila Kofman, executive director D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority. “I'm thrilled with what we've been able to do.”

CGI released the following statement from Linda Odorisio, vice president of U.S. communications for CGI : CGI teams, along with CMS and its other contractors, are working around the clock toward the improvement of, a system that is complex, ambitious and unprecedented. We remain confident in our ability to deliver continuous improvement in system performance and a more positive user experience.

To view a database of CGI's contracts, click here.