Obama, Romney ads focus on economy

A new war of words is underway between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Both are talking about money and both are cranking out new ads in hopes of bringing down the other.

President Obama’s strategy is to paint Romney as a protector of the wealthy. He claims Romney’s tax plan would cost middle class voters $2000 a year so millionaires could enjoy bigger tax cuts.

The GOP candidate wouldn’t address the claims, but did fire back with a new ad stating that Obama is creating a culture of dependency and has done little to fix the U.S.’s economic problems.

Voters are clear –times are tough and they’re interested in a candidate who can put more money back into their pockets.

"People who have education, people who have solid experience, people who have good references, still can't find jobs," said Kwame Obeng, a local voter.

Both candidates are hitting the road in an attempt to win over the middle class. The president will visit Colorado and Iowa. Romney will set off on a bus tour that will begin in Virginia before hitting three other swing states.