Obama inauguration 2013: Live streaming schedule of events

      Photo: Brad Bell

      If you can't be on the National Mall or near a television for Monday's second inauguration of President Barack Obama, we'll have live streaming coverage of all the pomp and circumstance on and

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      Here's a schedule of events for Monday's inauguration:

      10:35 a.m.: The First Family departs the White House en route Capitol Hill
      United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

      11:20 a.m.: The swearing in ceremony for President Barack Obama begins. The First Family, the vice president and Dr. Biden also attend.

      About 11:50 a.m.: President Obama delivers remarks.

      2:40 p.m.: President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden participate in the inaugural parade

      3:45 p.m.: The First Family, the vice president and Dr. Biden watch the inaugural parade from the presidential reviewing standing.