Obama in Arlington to visit Washington-Lee High School

President Barack Obama stopped by an Arlington high school Friday before formally kicking off his re-election campaign in Richmond.{ }

The president visited Washington-Lee High School to talk about ways to prevent interest rates on federal student loans from doubling in July.

Obama also held a round table with seniors and their parents before delivering remarks to members of the junior and senior classes.

The Arlington County Police Department helped to direct traffic in the area during the president's visit.

Student loans have become a hotly contested topic as Congress wants to extend the low rates, but both parties differ on how to pay for it.

On Saturday, Obama will host a rally at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

The rally comes as a new Washington Post poll gives the president a seven-point lead over presumptive Republican nominee in the commonwealth.

The poll shows him with a wide lead among women, black and young voters.
In 2008, Obama became the first democrat to carry Virginia in 44 years.