O'Malley kicks off minimum wage rally

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - In Annapolis, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is kicking off a campaign to raise the statewide minimum wage.

On Tuesday, advocates of the hike rallied lawmakers on their own turf in order to benefit workers like Cassandra King -- a single mom and hotel worker.

"After I pay the have no money left over," she says.

But some restaurants have opposed the proposed state hike, saying it could force them to lay off some workers. Yet other business owners disagree.

"It's not a job killer, it doesn't hurt my business, it helps my business tremendously...I don't lose people because they found a better job someplace else," explains nursery owner John Shepley.

Supporters will likely face an uphill battle, as the bill failed the last time around. This time, they’re hoping Gov. Martin O’Malley’s political muscles will help. If not, they vow to keep fighting.

"We were here last year," says Cassandra King. "We'll be here this year, next year until it takes effect."

A similar measure is already in place in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, where the minimum wage will eventually rise to $11.50 an hour.

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