NW D.C. residents petition to make Arkansas Ave. a safer road

(WJLA) - Arkansas Avenue is a busy street, and unfortunately well-known in this neighborhood for all the wrong reasons – including a pedestrian accident that almost caused a woman to lose her leg. Now, residents are demanding the city do something about it before someone is killed.

"In the evening and in the morning, a lot of traffic comes through here," says D.C. resident Georgio Diorna.T

More than 11,000 cars travel this road every day, and drivers do their best just to get through busy intersections like this one. Meanwhile, pedestrians walk the street at their own risk.

Last fall, a speeding car hit a young woman. Because of that horrific accident, Mary Lauren Hall’s best friend, Kelly Dillon, spent six weeks in the hospital and almost lost her left leg.

“A driver came on Arkansas avenue and hit the car that was parked directly behind her own, and that car jumped and pinned her between her own car and the car parked behind her own," explained Hall.

Then just two weeks ago, a tow truck slammed into several cars – though no one was injured.

“We started talking to community members and learned that unfortunately this isn't something that was very surprising," said Hall, a member of Safer Streets D.C.{ }

Hall and her friend have since started an online petition that has managed to college nearly 800 signatures in two weeks. As a result, DDOT has painted on a pedestrian crosswalk – but residents say this may not be enough.