Nuns on the Bus return to D.C.

(Photo: TVnewsbadge via Flickr)

Enthusiastic supporters were waiting on Capitol Hill Monday as the “Nuns on the Bus” rolled into town.

Their leader, sister Simone Campbell, said the six nuns got enthusiastic receptions across America.

“They said 2,000 miles. But - not that I was counting - but it was 2700 miles!” says Campbell.

The group wanted to highlight what they say are "immoral" federal budget cuts in legislation proposed by fellow Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

They say the cuts would seriously harm Americans living on the economic margins.

Even in Monday's heat, the women weren't slowing down – even an 81-year-old sister.

Waving his sign, Eli McCarthy came to support them, marveling at the women's stamina in the heat.

“I'm sure they were exhausted. I'm sure it was a long trip,” McCarthy says. “I was impressed. But you know they operate by a set of values and a kind of hope where heat is a minimal factor.”

"Nuns on the Bus" made a stop Sunday outside Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor's office in suburban Richmond.

Cantor wasn't present, but he backs the Ryan budget. Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of the NETWORK Catholic social-justice lobby, says the proposed cuts highlight the moral issue of taking care of all segments of society.

Campbell says her group believes that the wealthiest Americans should pay the same percentage in taxes as the middle-class and poorest ones.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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