'Not My President': Presidents Day rally gathers at Dupont Circle

This Presidents Day, protesters are not taking the day off.

An anti-Trump rally occurred at 2 p.m. Monday at Dupont Circle, according to a Facebook event.

Organizers say on the event page that the rally is part of a nationwide initiative called “Not My President,” which plans to use the holiday to protest the Trump administration’s controversial policies.

Similar protests are planned in more than 25 cities, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, according to the Not My President Facebook page.

“Let us, the constituents of this President, stand in support of our brothers and sisters of different nationalities, backgrounds, races, religions, ability, and sexual identity,” organizers wrote on the Facebook event.

Organizers are asking protesters to tweet "#doyourjob" and "#notmypresident" at 2 p.m. in an effort to get the initiative trending nationwide.

As of Monday morning, 3,300 people said they were interested in the event at Dupont Circle and just over 800 said they were attending on Facebook.

The protest is scheduled until 4 p.m. Speakers have not yet been announced, according to the Facebook event.

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