Not clearing sidewalk in D.C. may result in fines

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Just walking down the street in most D.C. neighborhoods has turned into an adventure.

"I've slipped many times in the snow on the sidewalks," said District resident Jacki Rumdeen.

The snow that fell early this week has now turned to ice, making it a real job to clear sidewalks for homeowners like Anifah Farouq.

"The ice doesn't..this isn't the right shovel," she said in an attempt to clear the front of her home.

It may be a tough job, but it’s against the law not to shovel. There is a $25 dollar fine for any homeowner who refuses to clear the sidewalk in front of their homes within 48 hours of a snowfall.

'I didn't know you could get fined -- that's news to me,” said dog walker Richard McFarlane. He is out four or five hours a day, and this has been a tough week for him and his four-legged friends.

"When I see this, knowing I have to make detours and dodge in and out of traffic and I have to worry about falling, it's terrible out here," he said."

And now, people are walking in the streets because it's safer at times than walking on the slippery sidewalk.

But despite the clear message from city officials, sometimes it isn't the easiest task to clear frozen snow off of a sidewalk.

"I think people are trying, but there are definitely spots that are more difficult to walk through then others," said D.C. resident Jacob Knight.