Off-duty cop involved in Northwest shooting

(Photo: ABC7)

An off-duty{ }police officer was involved in a shooting in Northwest that left three people injured, ABC7 News has learned.

Sources tell ABC7 that the officer is in custody and that the gun used in the shooting was his service weapon.

There is also a report from sources that the victims in the shooting were transgender.

“I am deeply troubled by the apparent circumstances surrounding this incident and await the results of a full MPD investigation,” said Mayor Vincent Gray. “These are serious charges, and they are particularly disturbing to have been brought against one who is sworn to protect and serve.”

D.C. Fire reports one of the{ }victims suffered serious, life threatening injuries and two others{ }have non-life threatening injuries.{ }They have been transported to a local hospital.

The incident occurred at 1st and Pierce streets around 5:25 a.m. Friday.

ABC7 reports that a person is in police custody.