Northwest D.C. parking sign changes, fines issued

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - There’s a parking sign that sits at the end of the block on Kilbourne Place in Northwest D.C. in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood –where every parking space counts.

The problem is, the sign is a little bit confusing because it looks to have been altered. But who would do it? And why?

"That doesn't look like the city put that there," says District resident Daniel Eldridge. "It's a little ambiguous because of the double arrow... I've always avoided parking there."

The sign has a second arrow that is much smaller than the original one, and looks almost like an afterthought.

"It does look like it's been taped on there," says Eldridge. "It doesn't exactly look official."

"Maybe somebody made a boo-boo there," adds Michael Barge. "Supposedly they're giving $50 tickets -- that's not right."

The issue popped up on a neighborhood blog called “Prince of Petworth,” when a resident complained that there had been a legitimate parking space there before somebody added that extra arrow. It’s barely noticeable, yet neighbors are now being hit with $50 fines.

One neighbor declined to go on camera, but says she already butted heads with the city more than a year ago after getting one of those tickets.

"When I tried to fight the ticket, they denied my petition -- and the very next day, this red tape appeared on the sign," she explains. "So I'm assuming that was their way of addressing the sign and making it a 'No Parking' sign."

We asked DDOT to look into it, but in the meantime, neighbors continue to say that it just doesn’t seem right.

"If it's confusing, how is one supposed to know?" asks resident Rachel Zukowski.

On Tuesday afternoon, DDOT spokesman Reggie Sanders confirmed that someone had tampered with the sign. It was replaced today with clearer instructions on where drivers can legally park.