Northwest D.C. bee infestation plagues neighborhood

      Northwest D.C. bee infestation plagues neighborhood.

      Ledroit Park in the middle of northwest DC is a neighborhood known for its rose bushes. It's also a likely place to find bees.

      But, it's fair to say the pale blue house in the middle of Third Street has had more than its fair share of bees.

      Lauren Hernandez and her roommate rent a house in the area. On Saturday, they came home to find thousands of beesso many bees that they couldn't get in their front door.

      Lauren says the beekeeper that came told her there were as many as 20,000 bees in and around her home. By the time the exterminator left, the bees were goneat least that's what everyone thought.

      Within days, hundreds, maybe thousands of bees were back swarming againat the front door and on the roof.

      Bee experts say there is no telling what makes this particular house so attractive to the bees, but it definitely is somethingbecause the bees are back once again.