Northern Virginia women launch mobile designer boutique

The concept of a truck driving around and peddling wares in the D.C. metro area isn't anything new. After all, the District and its suburbs are overrun on a daily basis by food trucks.

In January, a trio of Northern Virginia women looked at that idea and thought they could do the same, except with clothing. That's how Style Ride got its start.

Earlier this year, Emma Baker and two business partners, Cindy Perkins and Jen Nemerow, bought and old bread delivery truck and turned it into a de facto boutique on wheels. Now, it cruises around the area hawking the latest trends in clothing, shoes, hand bags and jewelry.

Baker and her associates predicate their idea on the fact that for many people, most notably mothers, getting up and out to the store is more difficult than it sounds.

"When we have children, we're always trying to get to the store," she says. "We're always trying to keep up with the next trend. So, we all came together and said, 'Let's do a mobile boutique.'"

Baker, Perkins and Nemerow gave their truck a new paint job and a freshening up, and just a few months later, the truck has been a hit, especially with mothers and busy women.

"I always wanted a store when I was little, and now I have it," Perkins said ."It just happens to be in the back of a truck."

The ladies' mobile mall has been so popular that they're looking at getting a second truck to expand their reach. All the while, they hope they're showing other mothers that they can be business owners too.

"Our opportunities for where we can go and what types of people we can reach is really limitless," Nemerow said.