Dominic Anthony Davis shot, killed on 57th Street NE

A suspect and a motive in the Monday shooting death of a 27-year-old Washington man have still yet to be determined.

The investigation into the shooting death of Dominic Anthony Davis continues Tuesday. MPD officials say that the victim was shot several times in the 500 block of 57th Street NE at about 10:30 a.m. Monday.

Mourners attending a funeral nearby were startled by the gunshots.

"We got out the car, and we walked right there and hear all the shots...we (were) just trying to get out the way, because it was so close," said Myra Head, who was attending the funeral.

Police say they don't know much about what happened at this point.

"The investigation is very, very early, so we're really in the process of interviewing witnesses and trying to determine exactly what happened," MPD Cmdr. George Kucik said. "The only thing we have is information from someone that saw a small, black vehicle leaving the scene."

Police kept the immediate area shut down most of the day, laying out more than 40 evidence markers. It appeared the victim fell between a house and a car, which was later towed away from the scene.

There are no official details on the victim's identity or on a lookout for a suspect.