Northeast traffic light creates dangerous intersection

(WJLA) - The expectation that red will change to green keeps traffic in the nation’s capital moving and its drivers safe and sane.

But what happens if a light stays red – and no one fixes it?

Keyaunta Darby knows the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Brentwood Road in Northeast all too well:

"The light doesn't doesn't turn green at all," she says.

Darby and many others say that this has been the case for weeks – maybe even months.

"It's got to be broken. Or something has got to be wrong," says pedestrian Gary Reid.

The lights for bustling Rhode Island Avenue have remained green, but those on narrow, one-way Brentwood have been stuck on red, tying up traffic and making left-hand turns impossible.

"Some people want to make the left, I want to go down that way," says driver Keisha Johnson.

But this is a far bigger issue than mere frustration. The area is now a dangerous intersection as drivers wait for several minutes, realize something is wrong, then frantically search for a gap in traffic.

Time and time again, we saw drivers dashing into the intersection to make an illegal left on red – taking a chance on getting hit.

Truck driver Troy Bullock knows that in his big rig, he can’t risk it:

"It's crazy. The D.C. government should be doing something about this."

ABC 7 contacted the city, and within hours, the contractor was on the scene. While troubleshooting the problem, he temporarily programmed the traffic signals to a normal cycle, returning sanity to a small corner of Washington, D.C.