Northeast school gives students chance to pick out Mother's Day gift

(WJLA) - It's a jewelry sale set up for the youngest of shoppers, and an opportunity for some Northeast D.C. children to get something special for Mother’s Day.

Nearly 460 students at the District’s J.O. Wilson Elementary School got to pick out a bright bauble for mom from this classroom jewelry store.

This is the trinket that first-grader Hanna Giblel-Ali picked out for her mom; she’ll give it to her Sunday:

“I'm going to say 'happy mother's day mom! I brought you a present.'"

Hanna’s classmates also got a chance to browse the store’s 2,000 pieces, each one donated so that these kids could take home something for their mothers at no cost.

“Some of the jewelry that's been donated is serious jewelry, so they come in, pick a piece, and we've made little cards for them for their parents," explains event organizer Nina Benton.

Volunteers collected the items, polished them, and got them ready for the display. It’s all part of a community adoption program of this school.

“This is not just about a handout. They've got to have worked hard in school or improved their attendance or shown nice acts of kindness to other kids. We're really trying to teach life lessons too," says event organizer Wendy Pangburn.

Today’s lesson? Always give back – and don’t forget about mom.

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