Northeast D.C. Safeway shoplifting suspect caught after short pursuit

The suspect allegedly tried to get away by driving up onto a sidewalk in front of the Safeway. (Photo: Sam Ford)

An alleged shoplifter was caught trying to flee from a Safeway in Northeast D.C. on Monday morning after he drove his getaway car up onto a sidewalk.

ABC7's Sam Ford reports that the suspect attempted to shoplift at the Safeway at 320 40th Street NE on Monday morning, then tried to flee in a Dodge Durango that was reported as stolen. However, as he tried to get away, a large Ryder cargo truck blocked his path out of the parking lot.

To get around it, he reportedly drove the vehicle up onto a sidewalk between the storefront and several poles while security and a bicycle cop pursued.

The suspect reportedly only got about 100 yards before he exited the car and tried to flee on foot. Authorities then tracked him down and apprehended him near a McDonalds on Minnesota Avenue, about one block away.

Meanwhile, Sam Ford reports that the Ryder truck involved in blocking the getaway car was being used and driven by Brinks Security.