Northeast D.C. home invasion victims held at gunpoint for 45 minutes

Four suspects are still on the loose several days after a man and his wife were held at gunpoint for nearly 45 minutes inside their Northeast D.C. home, police say.

In an exclusive interview with ABC7 News, the victims, Donald and Caroline Beasley, say that they were returning home at about 10:30 p.m. Friday when four men, dressed in black from head to toe, confronted them outside their Foote Street NE home. The husband says he wrestled one of the men to the ground while his wife was held inside their car at gunpoint by the three other suspects.

"I grabbed it from him,” says Donald Beasley. “But then I gave it back to protect myself and my wife."

At one point, Donald Beasley says that one of the suspects tried to suffocate her in an attempt to stop her from screaming.

"I thought we were goners,” says Donald Beasley. “Hey, I'm 72. This is it."

Soon after, police say that the wife was forced to open a safe while suspects ransacked the home, taking televisions, phones, electronics, jewelry, a small amount of cash and a Mercedes-Benz. Police estimate they got away with nearly $45,000 worth of property, while the car was recovered Sunday.

"Those are just possessions, they can be replaced," says Caroline Beasley. "But our lives can't be replaced."

Both victims sustained minor injuries and say that the suspects threatened to kill them if they tried to do anything.

Police are unsure whether or not the couple was targeted. A police report says that the suspects could be charged with kidnapping, armed burglary and auto theft.