Northeast crash: Two dead after Chevy Tahoe hits SUV

(WJLA) - The result was a mangled wreckage immediately upon impact after a Chevy Tahoe heading the wrong way at high speed slammed into a concrete wall after striking two other vehicles -- inflicting damage all along Kenilworth Avenue.

Workers along this industrial stretch raced to help the victims:

"He had to be high on something to be going that fast -- it's ridiculous down a one-way," said witness Philip Lovell.

The driver of the Tahoe was killed, and a female passenger was seriously injured, while the driver of the struck black SUV, 50-year-old Edgar Garcia, who had just left work at a nearby distribution center, was also killed.

On Monday night, while witnesses struggle to comprehend exactly what happened here, friends of Eddie Garcia mourn for a man who served his country and lived a quiet life dedicated to family and work.

" He was a great person -- very likable, very honest -- he was just an amazing person," said Vanessa Garcia.