Northeast community urges school officials to keep Kenilworth Elementary open

Kenilworth Elementary in Northeast is one of 15 D.C. schools on the list to be shut down this summer.

School officials say Kenilworth is extremely under enrolled. It's 147 students use only 37 percent of the building.

As part of it's consolidation plan, the D.C. Public Schools plans to reassign Kenilworth students to Houston Elementary, about eight-tenths of a mile away.

But not everyone is happy about the idea. Members of the community wanted to show the challenges students will face.

Today the group walked the route between the two schools,{ }concerned about youngsters in grades K-6 walking along busy roadways and underground tunnels.

Officials say closing these half-empty schools will save about $8.5 million.

And there is some possible good news. The DCPS Website says the District will provide transportation for students going to Houston Elementary, or can help identify safe travel routes.