Noose found hanging from tree at condo complex in Montgomery Village, police say

Noose found hanging from tree at condo complex in Montgomery Village, police say. (Photo courtesy of Montgomery County Police Department)

Police say a noose was found hanging from a tree near a neighborhood parking lot at the Heron's Cove Condominium Complex in Montgomery Village on Thursday morning.

"I couldn't believe it and i just kept looking and staring at it, and i just don't feel my daughter and I are safe," said longtime resident of the complex, Eugenia King.

The large rope was found tied to a branch right outside King's window.

"Who could it have been, it could have been anybody we're not fenced in you can get in through that way , anyway you can get in," King added.

The rope was quickly cut down by a responding Montgomery County police officer.

Police say right now there's no indication this was directed toward a specific individual or of any related suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

Some residents say they knew of other similiar incidents happening previously in D.C., but they didn't expect it to happen outside their own front door.

"All of a sudden, it's happening more frequently," said Trina Richardson.

With what was discovered, some residents say they feel less safe than they did just 24 hours ago and now some are packing up and moving out.

"I'm moving ... I'm not thinking about it. I'm up here looking now," one resident said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at (301) 279-8000.

This is a developing story.

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