No one injured after shots fired at vehicle on U.S. 50

Gunshots were fired at a car on U.S. 50 near Route 201 and Kenilworth Avenue early Sunday, according to Maryland State Police. No one was injured.

About 4 a.m. Sunday, three men were traveling east on U.S. 50 in lane one when a vehicle pulled in front of them in lane one. A male in the backseat of the car--a 1990's green Chevrolet Malibu--was staring at them, according to a news release from the Dept. of Maryland State Police.

The driver of the victims' car said he pulled into lane two and passed the Malibu.

After passing, the three men said they heard gunshots. They sped away until a flat tire caused them to stop in the area of Rt. 202 and 75th Avenue, the news release stated.

The men, two of whom are 24 and one who is 22, were not injured, the news release said. Two were from Clinton, Md., and one was from Richmond, Va.

The victims' car was hit by gunfire in the bottom left bumper and the center of the trunk. Troopers returned to the scene of the shooting and found shell casings consistent with a semi-automatic handgun.

The only description available for the suspects is of the shooter, described as an African-American male with a light complexion.

Anyone with information is asked to call Maryland State Police at the College Park Barrack at 301-345-3101. Calls may be kept confidential.

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