Nine arrested after Henry Wise high school fight

Prince George's county school officials say a fight at Henry Wise High School started innocently enough as a school prank.

Then the food fight turned into a real one. The incident ended with the arrests of eight students and a parent.

School officials say what started as a senior prank Wednesday afternoon turned violent. Officials would not speak on camera.

Both sheriff’s deputies and police officers rushed to break up the melee. “People were getting tased, people were getting hit with nightsticks, there was police everywhere,” said Mia Dabney, a Henry Wise senior. “It was just really crazy.”

“I just saw somebody get tased right in front of me,” said Devante Maxwell, also a senior at the school.

Joshua Smith, a former Henry Wise students, says he saw the fighting spill out into the parking lot as he came to pick up his little sister who ended up with cuts and bruises from the brawl.

Nine people were taken away in handcuffs Wednesday, eight students and one parent. All have been charged with second degree assault and disorderly conduct. Seven of the students have been charged with disrupting school activities.

Seven cop cars line the front entrance to the school Thursday as rumors run rampant over Facebook about a round two. Video of the fight was recorded on cell phones.

Karen Pinkney came to see for herself that everything is under control after hearing her son's description of the events. “He said it was just like a nightmare, something he had never experienced before,” she said.