Nikki Gribble earns high nanny honors

Seeing the faces day in and day out simply makes Nikki Gribble’s heart smile.

“I get rewarded with hugs and kisses. Get paid to play,” she said.

Gribble has made a successful career out of being a nanny, and now, she’s being honored in a big way.

This month, she was named 2012 Nanny of the Year by the International Nanny Association—the highest stamp of approval in the industry.

“It was exciting, thrilling experience,” she said.

Gribble's employers, Scott and Iva Mills, who nominated her for the coveted award, cited her dedication and hard-work in caring for their twins, Morgan and Dashiel.

“I love a challenge, I like being busy, people always say you got your hands full. I say better full then empty,” Gribble said.

“Nikki's not doing any of this to be noticed. It’s just her heart’s passion, her heart’s desire. You can see joy on her face when she interacts with our babies,” Iva said.

The mills say Gribble is deserving of the award for what she does both on the clock and off.

“Nikki would always go above and beyond the call of duty at the most important times of our lives with the twins and so when she won it really felt like this ultimate validation of what we knew about Nikki: that she is really extraordinary at what she does,” Scott said.

Initially, Mrs. Mills says she aspired to take on the task for caring for the twins by herself. But, her husband suggested they hire a nanny. A decision—a year later—she’s glad they made.

“She also was very sweet, and wonderful and kind to me when i was a very new mother, trying to nurse and do all these things. She supported me as well which was wholly unexpected,” Iva said.

Gribble accepted her award at the annual International Nanny's Conference earlier this month in Las Vegas, she still gets emotional when thinking about it.

“Words can't describe the feeling to be appreciated so much,” Gribble said.

Gribble says she wouldn't change her career for the world and shares this high honor with pride.

“Every nanny deserves to be nanny of the year,” she said.