Nico Dauphine sentenced on animal cruelty charges Wednesday

(Photo: Flickr/Sara Golemon)

A former National Zoo researcher who was convicted of animal cruelty in October was sentenced to 180 days in jail the the sentence was suspended.

Nico Dauphine was also sentenced to 120 hours of community service, a 12 month probationary period during which she is prohibited from working or volunteering with cats and is required to contribute $100 to the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

Dauphine was arrested in May after surveillance cameras found her trying to poison feral cats in her neighborhood, could face up to 180 days in jail.

Prosecutors say Dauphine set out food laced with rat poison and antifreeze near her apartment in the 2400 block of 15th Street NW in Columbia Heights.

She was convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty on Oct. 31.