Nick Ruth wins $250,000 in Mega Millions

Nick Ruth plans to donate some of his winnings to cancer organizations. (Photo: Maryland Lottery)

A 19-year-old Maryland cancer survivor is now $250,000 richer after matching five of six winning numbers in the Mega Millions lottery.

The winner, Nick Ruth, has been playing the lottery for just over a year. His leukemia has been in remission for seven years.

“As a cancer survivor, it is really important for me to give back,” he told lottery officials. “I want to ‘pay forward’ what some wonderful local organizations did for me, so I am definitely going to donate money to cancer organizations.”

The Archbishop Curley High School graduate also said he’ll put some money in the bank and pay off his car payments.

Ruth is also waiting to hear about a law-enforcement job he recently applied for.

“I believe that things happen in threes: I won this huge amount of money; the Ravens won last night; and I’m hoping I’ll get this job,” he said. “That would really be icing on the cake!”