Next Step Charter School in D.C. burglarized

On Monday, the clean-up continued at the Next Step Charter School after thieves broke in over the weekend. They got in and walked out the back door with nearly two dozen laptops.

The school is on 15th Street in NW D.C.

Officials here are asking "why us." It’s the third break-in at the school in the past week and half there.

More than 100 laptops have been stolen and during at least one of the break-ins the thieves stayed in the building overnight and ate food left in the cafeteria. And they still aren't sure how they got in.

Officials are now installing cameras inside and outside the next step building.

The thefts are the latest in a string of burglaries at D.C. schools over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

On the day after Thanksgiving, surveillance video caught five thieves inside Brightwood Elementary in upper Northwest. They too got away with laptops.

Police aren't saying if the crimes are related but parents and people who live in the neighborhoods around these schools are angry.

“I think it is absolutely horrible. This is really unfair,” says Alyssa Jacobsen. “This place is really an asset to the community.”