Newseum shows 'pictures of the year'

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a new exhibit at the Newsweum speaks volumes about our world. A collection of the best photos of 2010 is now on display.

They capture just a moment in time, but they are the news photos that shaped the world in 2010. For the 68th year, judges at "Pictures of the Year International" selected the best photos from 2010, chronicling the year's high points and tragic moments. Rick Shaw, director of Pictures of the Year International, said those photographs “span the human emotion.”

They range from troops on the front lines overseas to the excitement of the Olympic Games to a fashion model walking the runway in Paris.

Viewers can scan codes next to the photos with their smartphones to get more information about the shots.

"You can download deeper content about each of the pictures that we've put those codes next to,” explained Cathy Trost, the Newseum’s director of exhibit photography. “They take you to a story that each photographer wrote about how they got the shot.”

Whether captured on film or snapped by a digital lens, these split-second scenes show the story of the year that was.

View the winning photos online.