Newborn infant's body found in trunk of car in Prince Frederick, Md.

The area where the car was discovered. Authorities said an infant was found in the trunk. (Photo: Brad Bell)

The orange paint left by crime scene investigators marks the spot where the parked car hid its horrible secret. The car sat there, neighbors say, unmoved and untouched for about a month.

Sources say it appears the tiny baby was in there at least that long.

The body was found about 6:40 p.m. in the 5400 block of Howling Point Road in Prince Frederick.

ABC 7 has learned that the owner of the car is a 32-year-old mother of three. Investigators believe the child is hers and that she placed the fetus or newborn baby in the trunk of her car before she began a voluntary stay in a mental health facility more than 30 days ago.

She is now hospitalized and undergoing an emergency psychiatric evaluation. Her parents found the remains Thursday night and are now caring for her other children. The Calvert County sheriff says a decision on charges won’t be made until after an autopsy is complete and that could be weeks away.

“It’s very unusual,” says Sheriff Mike Evans. “You wonder why maybe she didn't call an ambulance but that's to be determined.”

In the mobile home community, emotions are running high. Neighbors say they hadn’t noticed that the woman, who lived with her three young kids and boyfriend, was pregnant. Nor had they seen signs of trouble.

“They looked like some fun people,” says Nicholas Craig. “They’re always outside playing with their kids.”